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Darna Categories represent the finest we have to offer. By using the highest quality ingredients, and time-tested recipes that fuse tradition and ingenuity, we have defined our Categories as our finest work. We are proud to share our products with you, and we know you will find them as delicious as we do! Bon Appetit!

Olive & Oil
Tahini & halva
Jam & Molasses

Olives & Oil




Tahini & Halva


Easy Mix


Spices and Herbs

We believe that herbs and spices are not created equally, that’s why Darna offers the best quality. From the King of spices Black Pepper to the Queen of herbs Oregano.

Whole Spices
Ground Spices
Darna Always In Minds

The most amazing spices

Explore our Extra Fine Selection Spices & Herbs. The finest quality spices from around the world.

Darna Always In mind

The best taste created by us

Simply delicious genuine Lebanese recipe, equally made of fava beans and chickpeas and original spices. A perfect choice of appetizer, or as a main meal to be enjoyed with fresh greens in a sandwich.

Jam & Molasses
  • In order to taste the unique taste of fresh fruits in four seasons and to smell the delicious fruits to the fullest every time these jars are opened; We prepare each of our jams with great care and effort
  •  We collect all our fruits in season, apply the washing and cooking processes in accordance with the hygiene rules, and bottle them with the same care, untouched by human hands. All you have to do is enjoy this happiness!

for an unforgettable taste experience

Halva, which stands out as one of the most important desserts of traditional Lebanese cuisine, is also included in the cuisines of many Middle Eastern cultures. The most special halva varieties, produced with Darna quality by adhering to traditional recipes, are waiting for you for an unforgettable taste experience.



Beans & Dips




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